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Puppies and Policies

Q & A

1. Do they shed a lot?

   Yes, cavaliers have long coats and shed A LOT, therefore, they require a lot of brushing to maintain that beautiful coat. Thier ears also need constant grooming to prevent matting. I personally prefer to give my Cavaliers summer cuts to help reduce shedding and matts. 

2.  Are they good with kids?

   Yes, cavaliers have a mellow and sweet temperment. Of course like any other dog they each have thier own personality and some prefer quiet homes over rowdy homes. Please make sure to state your home life when looking for a puppy. 

3.  Do they have health problems?

     The breed in general is prone to heart murmmers, dry eyes, and patella problems as they age. Make sure to take your dog in for routine visits to the vet. We DNA test all of our adults prior to breeding to avoid congenital issues as well as take them to the vet for yearly checks up on their heart and overall physical health.   

4. Can I return my dog if I don't like it?

    No. Dogs are not merchandise and you can not return them simply because it didn't fit. I will accept puppies back into our home but there will not be a refund given. 

  • Your puppy will have had 1st set of vaccinations and dewormed when you pick it up. It will have also had a clear vet check from our veterinarian before it's able to leave.


  • We offer a one year health guarantee against congenital health defects. In order to maintain this guarantee you must take your puppy to the vet for a health check within 48 hours of taking it home. ​This does not cover parasites, sicknesses or anything contagious.  


  • If a health issue should arise it must be diagnosed by a veterinarian and your puppy will be replaced. 


  • Refunds are only offered if a congenital defect is found on your first vet visit and the puppy is returned immedietly.



If you do not see a puppy available that interest you on our Cavalier page please inquire about current available pups and prices. Occasionally I have older, retired Cavaliers that are open to placement. 


Shipping is available at the buyers expence through Delta Pets First. Occasionally I use other airlines but I prefer Delta if possible.  Deliveries can be arranged if you are not able to pick your puppy up at our place, however, we strongly encourage new parents to come here. 

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