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Cavalier King Charles Kings

Cavalier sires to our litters
Cavalier King Charles              Willis

Willis is AKC registered with a fabulous bloodline of champions. He is 12 yrs old not and retired. We do have some of his daughters in our breeding program. 

He has the classic cavalier head and muzzle and weighs around 22 pounds.  He loves everyone and his big eyes look like he can see into your soul.  If you sit on the floor be ready have him in your lap. 

He is an amazing granddog to all of our puppies and very patient. 


Smokey Mountain Kipper has been a delighful addition to our home. His puppies are ever bit as outgoing as he is and he is very very patient with them as they play tug o war with his ears. 


Kipper weighs around 21 pounds. 


Cavalier King Charles Queens

Cavalier dams to our litters

Terra is 9 yrs old and retired and and resides here at our home. She is a smaller cavalier weighing in at  18 pounds.  She still clears her vet checks for her heart. 

She is very social with everyone and lets us know when a car arrives and she is outside.  Lap dog indeed and has to follow me everywhere. 

Her legacy lives on with her daughters Jewels, Maddie, and Luna. 

         Ivy & Jasmine

 These 2 sweet ladies have several puppies that live on in their honor. Jasmine passed away in 2021 from heart break after her sister Ivy passed away from unknown causes.

Jasmine lives on in her daughter Matilda.  Matilda is spunky as ever and bit dramatic at times justlike her momma! LOL


Queen of the Jewels is out of our Sweet Terra and Willis. Jewels weighs around 17 pounds. 

She travels with us on camping trips and is perfect for keeping you warm on a winter night by the fire. 

Her puppies have her sweet outgoing personality. 


Sweet sweet Missy joined our team in 2021. She loves to travel and go bike riding. When she looks at me I swear she can see into my soul. 

She weighs around 22 pounds. She is am amazing mother to her puppies and gets along withe everyone in the house. She even helps take care of other puppies when she doesn't have any. 


Luna is out of Terra and Prince. She is the most outgoing of her and her sisters. 

Luna is a little bigger of a cavalier weighing around 20-22 pounds


Maddie is out of Terra and Willis. She is a lap dog for sure and wants nothing more than to be snuggled up next to you. 

Maddies is a tiny girl weighing in a 13 pounds. She is an amazing mother and her puppies share her outgoing personality. 

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