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Cavalier King Charles Kings

Cavalier sires to our litters
Cavalier King Charles              Willis

Willis is AKC registered with a fabulous bloodline of champions. We are very excited to have him in our breeding program.

He is OFA certified for his patella, ocular, and heart. 

He has the classic cavalier head and muzzle and weighs around 22 pounds.  He loves everyone and his big eyes look like he can see into your soul.  If you sit on the floor be ready have him in your lap. 

Cavalier King Charles              Barney

Barney is a male that we have studded out to in the past and he is the father one of our females. He has a very sweet disposition and his puppies tend to follow suit. 

Barney is an Irish import Cavalier that is AKC, ACA, and Irish Registered. 

Cavalier King Charles Queens

Cavalier dams to our litters

Terra is AKC registered and and resides here at our home. She is a smaller cavalier weighing in at  18 pounds.  

She is very social with everyone and lets us know when a car arrives and she is outside.  Lap dog indeed and has to follow me everywhere in the house. 


Carly is AKC registered and  an average size cavalier weighing in around 18-20lbs. 

She is very spirited and has never met a stranger. Carly is a true spaniel breed. She loves to run and will take advantage to chase anything around. She lives around our kangaroos and warthog but doesn't let them push her around. HA HA HA!! 


Jasmine resides in Austin with her mom, Holly, and half sister Ivy.  She is a regular sized Cavalier weighing in at about 18-20lbs. 

She is ACA registered and her sire is Barney. Her mother was AKC register-able but the owner never followed through with it so she is now registered with ACA.

She is a huge love bug and great mother!


Ivy resides with her mom, Holly, in Austin and her half sister Jasmine. She is around 15 pounds and it looks as if she is going to stay a smaller sized Cavalier.  

She is ACA registered out of one of our prior females we owned, Dixie, and Barney. 

She use to be a bit shy until she had her first litter. Now is the bravest pup on the block and little dramatic at times. 

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